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> Airport Blvd
> Elk Grove Blvd
> Florin Rd
> Garden Hwy
> i-80
> i-80 Bus. Loop
> Laguna Blvd
> Lincoln Hwy
> Pocket Rd
> Seamas Ave
> 50 Hwy
> 80 Interstate
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Interstate 5 Sacramento Traffic

i-5 Sacramento Traffic ...

On page load traffic map is centered on i-5 at 50 Hwy / i-80 Bus. Loop ...
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> i5 at Airport Blvd
> i5 at Elk Grove Blvd
> i5 at Florin Rd
> i5 at Garden Hwy
> i5 at i-80
> i5 at i-80 Bus. Loop
> i5 at Laguna Blvd
> i5 at Lincoln Hwy
> i5 at Meadowview Rd
> i5 at Pocket Rd
> i5 at Seamas Rd
> i5 at 50 Hwy
> i5 at 80 Interstate
> i5 at 99 Hwy


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Airport Blvd Highway 99 i-80 Capital Mall Capital City Freeway Seamas Ave Florin Road Laguna Blvd Elk Grove Blvd Interstate 5 Sacramento Traffic Road Route Map


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I-5 Sacramento Map
The Interstate 5 in Sacramento is the main interstate highway that travels generally in a north-south direction through the metro Sacramento area... shown above is a map where the i-5 (highlighted in pink) travels through the metro Sacramento area.

The i-5 is the main interstate highway route south to Los Angeles from Sacramento... traveling from Sacramento to Los Angeles, LA is located 386 miles to the south, estimated driving time from Sacramento to LA along the i-5 is 5 hrs. and 26 minutes.

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